About the Feedback Tips category

Feedback is a gift. Taking time to understand your fellow medtech innovators’ ideas, questions, and challenges is generous. Providing perspectives and questions that can help innovators in their journeys is even more generous.

Here are simple principles (borrowed from Seth Godin’s workshops) that make contributing a powerful comment easy:

  1. Demonstrate that you read and understood the author’s content.
  2. Find something about their approach that resonated with you.
  3. Make an assertion about what you think they were trying to accomplish.
  4. Give feedback (in the form of open-ended questions, or perhaps, with specifics) about how they could have accomplished it more effectively.

And here are some things to avoid in comments:

  1. Glib surface congratulations and assertion-free feedback
  2. Attacks on the writer and his/her personality, background or beliefs
  3. Completely redefining the project
  4. Complex, specific answers instead of open doors and questions

If you have suggested best practices for giving or receiving feedback, here’s the place to post them. Better yet, if you have anonymized examples of great feedback (or not so great feedback), feel free to share those too.